Terrarium Tv is considered the best mobile app for entertainment nowadays. Whereas ShowBox being such an old application has got second on the list. Terrarium TV just released few months ago for Android and has got the first place above all the pioneer application.

All said and done, it is quite difficult for ShowBox users to come out its addiction soon after its maintenance services. We have been able to register some new improvement in the application: There has been a huge transformation with its user interface and downloading speed. At first ShowBox had a very low downloading speed which frustrated people, but now you can see a good transformation there.

Undoubtedly Terrarium tv is the best movie streaming application for this year but ShowBox has been able to secure its place in the top 10 video streaming applications for now. It seriously is working on providing you new additional features which will enhance its services sooner or later depending on the developers.

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Terrarium Tv has a black gothic home page that is attracting people, in fact if we notice the two applications we can say that ShowBox being a pioneer application has been copied by Terrarium in this case.

ShowBox APK Download

ShowBox still proves some of the same features that are basic for any movie streaming application like ChromeCast support, 15 plus languages and subtitles, trustable video links, Good downloading and streaming speed, latest collection of movies and TV shows, resolutions varying from 240p - 1080p and essential of all it is a free provider of movies on your smartphones.

What makes the app unique is its official availability on different platforms like Android, BlackBerry, Windows, PC, Kindle and ChromeCast. It is difficult for most of the entertainment based application developers to build a user interface that is compatible with all the devices you can think of.


While comparing the two most powerful application for Android we can conclude that Terrarium Is still best at its work but the good thing is that ShowBox APK has still managed to secure its place in just few months of its maintenance procedure. Let’s hope to get more and more customers for the app this year!